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4-12. ChatGPTがMidjourneyにファッション画像を作らせる世界





こちらのスキームをパクり 参考にさせていただき、ChatGPTとMidjourneyを組み合わせた画像生成を試してみました。



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The woman would look elegant and unique in a dress inspired by a curly shell. The dress would likely feature curling, organic lines mimicking the shape of the shell, and may be made of a flowy, lightweight fabric. The dress would likely have a fitted bodice and a full skirt, with the shell-inspired detailing concentrated on the skirt and possibly the straps or bodice. The overall effect would be one of grace and beauty, with a touch of natural whimsy.



The man is confidently striding down the street, the bright city lights reflecting off of his striking “Ice and Fire” jacket. The bold design features swirling flames and icy blue hues, giving the impression of a fierce yet cool exterior. The jacket is cut slim to flatter his frame, and the durable material ensures it can withstand the elements. He pairs it with a sleek pair of black jeans and boots, completing the edgy yet refined look. Heads turn as he walks by, drawn in by the unique and eye-catching design.




The woman is elegantly gliding into the room, the soft fabric of her “Cleopatra-Inspired Ethnic” dress flowing gracefully behind her. The dress is a nod to the iconic queen’s sense of style, with a form-fitting bodice and a full, flowing skirt. The dress features intricate ethnic embroidery in gold and jewel tones, adding a touch of exotic elegance to the overall design. She is wearing a pair of statement earrings and a thin gold bracelets that complement the dress. Her hair is styled in sleek, glossy waves, and her makeup is understated but striking. She exudes confidence and poise as she makes her way through the crowd, her dress turning heads and inspiring admiration.



The model, a Japanese woman in her 20s, stood gracefully in front of the camera with a thin smile on her face. Her long black hair cascaded down her back in silky waves, complementing her stunning one-piece dress that resembled a purple crystal. The dress sparkled and shimmered under the lights, adding a touch of glamour to her overall look. Despite the sparkling aspect of her attire, the model exuded a calm and coordinated presence, making it clear that she was a natural in front of the camera. She was doing a photo shoot for a fashion magazine, and it was obvious that the final product would be nothing short of stunning.



She walked down the runway with effortless elegance, a vision in fashion. Her cardigan, based on Central Asian ethnic dress, was truly a work of art. The intricate patterns and rich colors reminded one of a lush jungle, with shades of emerald green, dark brown, and a pop of fuchsia. The cut of the cardigan was modernized to fit seamlessly into the city of New York. It was the perfect blend of traditional and contemporary, making it a statement piece that would turn heads in any setting. The cardigan was paired with sleek black trousers and heels, completing the look and making it suitable for any occasion. The cardigan was a true reflection of her unique and bold sense of style.



She walked down the street with a graceful and effortless elegance, a true fashionista in her coordinated outfit. The centerpiece of her look was a stunning opal-inspired top, featuring shades of pinks, blues and greens that were reminiscent of the iridescent colors found in an opal. The top was cut in a relaxed, yet feminine fit and was made from a soft and flowy fabric that moved beautifully as she walked. The top was paired with a pair of high-waisted jeans, in a light blue color that was reminiscent of the ocean. The denim was soft and stretchy, providing maximum comfort while still looking chic. The look was completed with a pair of white sneakers, adding a touch of sporty and casual vibe to the overall look. The outfit was a perfect blend of the beauty of the ocean and the elegance of an opal, making it the perfect choice for any woman looking to make a statement while feeling comfortable and casual.